Mission Operation Research Hints and Tips


  1.  Seek out other non-profits with whom Write the Future could partner with for donations.
  2. Create meaningful relationships with people from different backgrounds across the globe.
  3. Establish long-lasting relationships with schools, teachers, and other non-profits locally and internationally.

7 Best Ways to Discover Missions:

  1. Your network! ~who’s traveling where?~
  2. Gap Year and Study Abroad Programs
  3. Campus “mission” programs on WashU’s campus, or other schools.
  4. High school “mission” trips.
  5. Countries/ locations with recent disasters WILL have people traveling for disaster relief.
  6. Travel agents will know of people traveling to places with need.
  7. Google.

Verifying a Non-Profit:

GuideStar is an online resource that can verify the legitimacy of an organization and give you an overview of their financials. Here is a step-by-step on how to use GuideStar.

GuidStar Step 1GuidStar Step 2Guidestar Step 3

Creating Relationships:

  1. Email other non-profits and individuals with international or local links to schools with inquiries about establishing relationships and connections.
  2. If you meet an individual with a non-profit affiliation or connection, reach out to them and establish these essential relationships.
  3. Maintain a stream of dialogue and communication through emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings when possible so that the other party feels valued and wishes to continue the relationship with Write the Future.
  4. Say “thank you!” It goes a long way!
  5. End your emails with “Best Regards, Your Name” in an effort to be formal but friendly and intimate at the same time.