People often ask how Write the Future came to be. Here is our answer:

One day, when Zoe’s high school history teacher was giving a presentation about the history of Latin America, he shared details about his own experiences traveling in Guatemala. His presentation included photos of young Guatemalan boys and girls begging on the street for pencils, which her teacher had graciously given them. Upon hearing that the children had been begging for something as simple as a pencil, Zoe was both baffled and dismayed. She could not fathom the notion that these children lacked the fundamental writing utensils needed to prosper in life and in an educational environment. Striving to make a difference and desiring to eliminate the need for children in impoverished areas internationally to stand on the streets pleading with strangers for pencils, Zoe knew that she needed to take action.

But, Zoe could not do it alone. She enlisted in the help of her business-savvy, lifelong friend Elana Greenberg, who was equally desirous of enacting change. Along the way, they enlisted in the help of accountant David Malin. With the assistance of our amazing volunteers and interns, Write the Future has continued to grow, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds as Write the Future continues its progress.

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