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Write the Future cares about children worldwide, and we want to see them succeed. They are the future. Join us in supporting this future as we donate pencils and other writing utensils to underprivileged children internationally so as to fuel their education. Your donation can help children across the world write successful futures for themselves.

What is Write the Future?

Write the Future is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit based out of Chicago, Illinois. We work to build strong partnerships with schools in impoverished areas internationally. Thus, by way of donor funding, Write the Future is able to send pencils to these impoverished schools. This method allows the students to have the writing utensils they need to meet their educational needs.

Not only will your donations to Write the Future help fuel the education of children in need, but your donations will also allow the students’ imaginations to prosper and allow them to discover their talents. Every penny donated helps to fulfill these goals.

Are you unable to donate but are interested in helping our cause? Please send us an email to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Do We Accept Pencils?

Although monetary donations are often the most beneficial because Write the Future is able to purchase pencils in bulk at a cheaper cost, we understand that many people have a plethora of pencils throughout their homes and offices. Write the Future is more than happy to accept these pencil and writing utensil donations by mail (425 Huehl Road, Unit 11B in Northbrook, IL 60062). We accept pencils, pens, hand-held sharpeners, erasers, and grips.

In addition, Write the Future hosts pencil drives at local schools. If you are interested in attending a fundraiser, please view our upcoming events. If you are interested in hosting a pencil drive, please send us an email.

Why Choose Us?

We may be small, but we are mighty and as is our cause. Write the Future truly is fighting for the future of children in impoverished areas internationally. We want to further their educations, and we want to help them succeed in the present and in the future.

Pencils are important in learning, in business, and in life as methods of expression, communication, and much more. Our cause is unique in that we strive to provide a specific product—writing utensils—to students internationally. In this way, we are working to ensure that every child will be able to attain new opportunities and experiences through the gift of education.

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